Wellness 2 Training in Palermo, Italy

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Adult trainers and practitioners were involved in a long term training activity under the Wellness 2 project. From 11 till 15 of October 4 participants from ECQ attended Training for trainer event based on the project results in Palermo, Italy.

The training program was comprehensive and allowed interaction between participants from the 5 project countries – Estonia, Italy, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Poland.

The topics were developed and presented in a practical way and allowed the participants to gain new knowledge and competences in the curriculum development, organizational culture, and wellness practices for practitioners and learners, organization of the social and physical environment for adult learning, establishing communication and self-development paths and employing flexibility in the planning.

As a follow up all participants in the LTTA are to multiply the good practices and new competencies not only in their daily activities, but also to act as multipliers and present the Wellness 2 results in front of national public.