I-Career Project’s Final Conference Welcomes Local VET Students in Braga, Portugal

I-Career Project Presentation and Course Overview

The event began with a comprehensive overview of the I-Career objectives and key milestones. The students and teachers were then walked through the contents and methodology of the training course, highlighting the valuable skills they will develop in order to meet the demands on today’s job market.

Hands-On Platform Presentation

Students actively engaged in the conference by exploring the I-Career learning platform using their mobile devices. Detailed instructions were provided to ensure that all participants could easily navigate the platform and explore its features. The conference concluded with an interactive session and the opportunity to provide feedback.

The enthusiasm and engagement by the participants in Braga reaffirmed the project’s innovative impact on vocational training!

The final report, expected in September 2024, will summarise the outcomes and insights from I-Career. The I-Career website together with the I-Career outcomes and products will be available and free to use by interested parties upon their successful completion.

Link to project learning platform: https://icareer.projectsgallery.eu/

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