TABASCO Final project meeting in Tilburg, the Netherlands

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The culmination of the ambitious project TABASCO was marked by a pivotal final meeting held on 28 and 29th August, 2023, that brought together key stakeholders and project participants from 6 European countries in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

The meeting commenced with a warm welcome by the Tilburg University team, host of the meeting and a short tour around the campus. The meeting agenda included crucial discussions and presentations, commencing with an in-depth overview of the finalization of all intellectual outputs (IOs) and the extensive anti-cyberbullying campaigns conducted in each of the partner countries. A meticulous quality assurance presentation and a comprehensive examination of the project’s exploitation, impact, and sustainability were also milestones in the meeting schedule.

The meeting’s proceedings were concluded with presentations on dissemination products, the final dissemination report, a comprehensive review of financial status, and a discussion on pending tasks requiring completion. The meeting provided a great opportunity for fostering team cohesion and intellectual exchanges.

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