ENACT: Transnational Training Workshop on modern practices in Human Resource Management

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The consortium of ENACT project (Enhancing Governance, Management, and Reform in Sri Lankan Universities through Admin Staff Training) is pleased to share a recap of the successful Transnational Training Workshop on modern practices in Human Resource Management, University Administration, and Financial Management, held at the George-August University of Göttingen, Germany, from January 16-19, 2023. This event was a significant milestone in the project’s ongoing efforts to enhance the governance and management of Sri Lankan universities.

The training on European ground was attended by 34 participants from Sri Lankan partner universities and 6 EU partners including ECQ. The workshop enhanced the knowledge of Sri Lankan participants through the utilisation of valuable resources such as the Dictionary of Human Resource Management, a Toolkit for Human Resources Management, HR Training Development and Communication Practices, and insights from Higher Education Human Resources Management in Europe.

This intensive training workshop provided attendees with cutting-edge knowledge and practical tools to implement modern HR management practices and improve university administration and financial management within the Sri Lankan context. The collaborative environment between European and Sri Lankan participants fostered meaningful exchanges and set the stage for ongoing improvements in Sri Lankan higher education institutions, as evidenced from the highly positive feedback evaluation gathered after the workshop.

Link to project website: https://enact.sltc.ac.lk/

Project: Enhancing Governance, Management and Reform in Sri Lankan Universities through Non-Academic Staff Training: ENACT /Ref. number: 619185-EPP-1-2020-1-LK-EPPKA2-CBHE-JPEPPKA2-CBHE-JP/