IPAL: Quality in Adult Education

IPAL is an international Erasmus + project initiated by 5 organizations from Spain (Tribeka Training Lab, the coordinator of the project), Bulgaria (European Center for Quality Ltd (ECQ), Italy (Promimpresa), Greece (Academy of Entrepreneurship (AKEP) and Germany (Wisamar).

The project’s main goal is to contribute and improve the quality in Adult Education at a European level by developing quality assurance tools and training resources that promote the professional development of adult trainers and the quality learning provision by adult education organisations.

Primary target groups of the project are adult education providers and adult educators, policymakers and educational experts.

IPAL’s two main aims are:

  • to provide access to practical resources for training in effective instructional practices and building the capacity of adult education providers to plan, design, deliver and assess CPD (Continuous professional development) programs and
  • to provide quality monitoring tools for adult education providers in the field of CPD of staff and overall relevance of the educational product which should promote better institutional development strategies and make the organizations more able to recruit and retain qualified staff.

The IPAL project is divided into three intellectual outputs, each of them serving its own purpose.

Intellectual Output 1 consists of the self-assessment tool based on interviews with adult education providers and adult educators carried out in partner countries. The questions are divided into 4 different thematic areas – financing, future orientation, internal aspects and public image, each of them regarding to CPD (Continuing Professional Development). The tool can be accessed via project’s online platform. After answering the questions, participants receive a downloadable fitting scorecard with tips and information.

The creation of Intellectual Output 2 involved the development of training resources in various areas, all related to instructional practice, which can be suitable for both self-study and for use in CPD programs and in adult education. The resources are structured in 8 educational modules which will be soon are all available via project’s online training platform:

–  Flipped classroom approach;

–  Project-based learning;

–  Techniques for stimulating the logical thinking, imagination and memory of adult learners, including visual tolos and special memorizing techniques;

– Techniques for communication and work with family members;

–  Applying creativity techniques in adult education;

–  Using interactive (online and digital) resources, E-learning tools and social media in adult education;

–  Monitoring adult learners’ performance;

–  Culturally responsive teaching techniques.

Finally, Intellectual Output 3 consists of an analytical tool for external assessment and self-assessment of adult education relevance and effectiveness, covering different areas of institutional performance. This tool extends the focus of the project from CPD (Continuing Professional Development) to more overarching issue of the performance of adult educators. For each area involved in the questionnaire, indicators and screening questions were developed.

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Webpage: https://ipalproject.eu

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In case you have any questions, you can write to us at contact@ipalproject.eu – we will be happy to help you with the answers you need.