European National Networks for the Enhancement of VET – ENNE

Project: European National Networks for the Enhancement of VET – ENNE

Reference number: 608964 EPP 1 2019 1 IT EPPKA3 VET NETPAR

Funding programme: Erasmus+, KA3 – Support for Policy Reform

Start date: 01.10.2019   End date: 30.09.2021

Project website:

The European Union demands strategies to improve the performance, quality and attractiveness of VET, as stated in the Copenhagen Declaration in 2002. The main challenges/needs faced by European VET providers are: necessity to turn VET into an attractive learning opportunity, lack of cooperation between VET schools, lack of competences in the implementation and management European instruments, scarce implementation of quality assurance instruments, difficulty to access mobility opportunities.


The general objective of the project ENNE is to support the establishment of 5 national networks (1 in each country involved) of VET providers, aimed at the enhancement of VET quality and attractiveness, with a specific focus on mobility opportunities.

The specific objectives are:

+ To foster communication and cooperation between VET providers, also disseminating EU programmes, initiatives and tools;

+ To share best practices among VET providers;

+ To foster capacity building for the effective implementation of European programmes;

+ To promote VET learners and staff mobility;

+ To encourage the involvement of VET providers and countries that have poor representation in EU cooperation projects.


Target group of the project will be VET providers (mostly VET schools), VET staff, VET learners, SMEs, students’ families and possible stakeholders.


The main results/products of the project will be:

– The establishment of 5 VET Excellence National Networks for mobility;

– The development of a VET providers online community;

– The improvement of VET staff knowledge competences and skills in the field of WBL and mobility;

– The development of an internationalization strategy for VET providers involved.


The overall impact envisaged is not only to build up national networks whose members will benefit from projects activities and products but also to set up a new sustainable cooperation among VET schools from different countries, in order to create long-term synergies to enhance VET attractiveness.

The VET providers involved will benefit from the establishment of the “Excellence VET National Networks” as it will serve as a point of reference at national level in the field of VET. Indeed, in the countries involved there is a general lack of knowledge and competences in the field EU policies, programmes, initiatives and tools among VET providers and staff. These organisations will have the opportunity to raise the quality of their performance, to improve the services they provide and to expand their networks of trusted partners, also at European level. These organisations will learn both from the developed materials as well as from the interaction with each other.

After project lifetime, the established networks and the EUKCEM Platform will be maintained active and will keep producing positive effects on participating organisations and staff. The creation of positive and effective synergies will last also after the end of the project.

At the local and national level, all participants in the events foreseen by the project, in particular potential stakeholders, will raise their awareness on the topic of VET policies and EU instruments and tools, especially in the field of mobility.


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