T-Challenge Pilot Training successfully conducted in Bulgaria

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The T-Challenge pilot testing in Bulgaria consisted of 5 face-to-face sessions was carried out in August and September, 2019. A total of 14 participants attended the pilot training.

The facilitators that were present at all the sessions were Ms. Admira Boshnyaku and Ms. Bianka Ivanova from ECQ. Both of them were directly involved in the development of 5 of the 6 tested webquests.

Based on the experience from the pilot training in Bulgaria the following conclusions could be drawn:

  • The WebQuest is positively perceived by young people. All of the 6 tested WebQuests were perceived by participants with great interest and they were really eager to engage in each new WebQuest.
  • Participants especially enjoyed the interactive atmosphere created by different WebQuests’ processes as well as the team work and the competitive elements in some of the webquest such as the one on Critical thinking.
  • Participants enjoyed the idea of not having right or wrong answer, but building your own perception and presenting it to others, voicing one’s opinion as well as hearing others.
  • All participants were amazed of how many new things they learned while having fun and without even feeling a strenuous effort as they do at university or at their workplaces.

The ideas and feedback gathered during the training will be incorporated into the O3: T-Challenge is your challenge too! (Guideline), giving it its final shape.

Further news and updates are available at: www.t-challenge.eu