ESTET – Multiplication Training Workshop

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ESTET - Multiplication Training Workshop

As part of the ESTET project was organized a Multiplication Training Workshop on the 19th October with teachers from the National High School in Finance and Business in Sofia. The workshop comprised several sessions during which were introduced the three modules of the In-service training programme (Sustainable Tourism Development, Sustainability-related skills and Instructional design approaches, and Learning resources for development of sustainability skills). Another session was more practical and it was dedicated to the scenarios for training sessions. The scenarios include various exercises with possibilities for face-to-face and online activities. During the workshop was also presented the Portfolio of learning resources that includes web quests (core and advanced level), video materials, and self-learning projects. During the event participants actively participated in the organized sessions and exercises. The training workshop finished with a discussion about the products of the project. All participants expressed their interest on the topic and the ESTET project.