i-CAREER – Integrated training program package for VET students

i-CAREER –  Integrated training program package for VET students is an ongoing Strategic partnership KA2 project with ref. number 2021-1-PL01-KA220-VET-000033085 in the field of VET where ECQ is actively participating. Within the project 6 partners from 5 countries – Bulgaria (ECQ), Poland (KLS Partners spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością and Miasto Ostroleka), Cyprus (EDITC LIMITED), Portugal (EduPlus – European Centre for Education and Skills Development, Lda) and Italy (PROMIMPRESA SRL) are cooperating for achieving the project objectives. i-Career is an European social innovation project that aims to transfer, adapt and implement an intergraded training program (material and methodologies) in order to develop VET schools pupils’ soft skills and, at the same time, contribute do diminish the gap between the demand in the labor market and the skills offered by VET education. The course will focus on the problems with too specific qualification that do not meet the demands of the current labour market related to self-awareness, awareness of the opportunities,  work ethics, persistence, low self-esteem, emotional issues, communication skills, problem solving, decision making, learning skills etc. This ambitious program will enhance the opportunities of both vocational school students wishing to find employment after school and counsellors alike in order to successfully compete in increasingly competitive job markets in Europe and beyond.

The project duration is 2 years and it will be implemented during 2022 and 2023. The consortium joint efforts will ensure the generation of 3 tangible results:

– Result 1-  A joint business and educational tool to verify the competence gaps of students on the labour market

–  Result 2 – i-Career Didactic Methodology 

– Result 3 – i-Career Interactive training materials and exercises

The i-Career website together with the i-Career outcomes and products will be available and free to use by interested parties upon their successful elaboration.