ESTET – Pilot Testing with students

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ESTET - Pilot testing with students

During the period 19-28 October ECQ team organized Pilot testing activities for the ESTET project with students from the National High School in Finance and Business in Sofia. 

The testing included various activities that were divided in 2 phases – in-class activities and field work. During the first phase ECQ team and teachers who participated in the Multiplication training workshop presented the ESTET project to the students and the learning materials. There were several practical tasks that students had to complete that included watching video materials and solving web quests. The field work sessions were organized with the community partner “Blagichka – ZERO WASTE” restaurant. During the pilot testing of ESTET portfolio of learning resources students tested and evaluated the quality and level of relevance of ESTET training materials and gave valuable feedback about the activities in which they were involved.