UP&UP – UPscaling trainers and educators competencies on gender-based violence to UPscaling awareness among young people against violence

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Project title: UPscaling trainers and educators competencies on gender based violence to UPscaling awareness among young people against violence

Project acronym: UP&UP

Reference number: 2019-1-IT01-KA202-007795

Project duration: 36 months (01/09/2019 – 31/08/2022)

Project website: www.upanduperasmus.eu

Programme: Key Action 2 Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices within Erasmus + programme
Project summary:

UP&UP -UPscaling trainers’ and teacher’s competencies on gender stereotype to UPscaling the awareness among young people and fight the gender based violence is a project that would be define a new methodology and a training package available online aims to increase skill’s educators, teachers, tutors, trainers and citizenship skills of young (especially those living in outskirts and internal areas) on a specific topic concerning respect for diversity, with particular reference to gender differences. The project departs from the assumption that only teaching of teachers and realization of a joint path with young people is possible breaking down stereotypes. The title of the UP&UP project summarizes this innovative proposal which, starting from the experience carried out of the partners, intends to raise both competencies of educators and young people.

The project is divided into 2 Work packages:

1) Analysis and deconstruction of gender stereotypes, during which, each partner will conduct with the young (students, drop outs, young volunteers, young people involved in sports activities) the recording of internalized gender stereotypes, analysing the cultural conditionings and families facing life trajectories and choices based on our biological sex. The link between sexist stereotypes and gender-based violence will also be investigated. The stereotypes contained in the mass media and those spread on social media will be analysed through meetings and workshops with educators and young people.

2) Development of an educational package for educators, aiming to product:

– a manual for the early contrast to gender stereotypes, containing theoretical and practical references

– an interactive training package consisting of operational tools for educators.

All the activities of the project will also be video-documented: educators and young people will be subject to building a storyboard of the project that will tell the central phases and the products of the activities carried out. The video storytelling will be one of the Intellectual Outputs envisaged, alongside the web-doc and the training package.

The project intends to evaluate the results of a counterfactual type strategy thanks to a methodology that includes a control group and a conclusion of the project. The 3 multiplier events foreseen, supported by the WAVE network, will allow the dissemination of the products at international level.
The Department of Equal Opportunity of the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers supports the project, ensuring wide disseminations of the products.

Aims & Objectives

UP&UP project is aimed at:

– Preventing and combating of violence through the improvement of education to respect for gender differences among younger generations.

– Exchanging good practices of training of educators to contrast hate speech and stereotypes gender-based violence.

– Raising awareness among girls and boys about sexist stereotypes that influence attitudes and behavior between males and females.

– Increasing knowledge and skills of the teachers of schools and training organizations (not just schools) on the discrimination issues and violence linked to gender differences.

– Encouraging networking between schools and training organizations of different levels, associations and organizations that are engaged in the social and work reintegration of young people at risk

Target groups

UP&UP project intellectual outputs and activities will be focused on the following target groups:

– Educators, trainers, company tutors;

– Experts working with young people at risk;

– Young people included in the age group between 14 and 18 years.

Results & Intellectual outputs

In the lifetime of the project, the following intellectual outputs will be developed:

  • IO. 1 – Stereotypes analysis and good practices to break them down
  • IO. 2 – Gender Based Violence training for educators
  • IO. 3 – UP&UP Model for ALL
  • IO. 4 – Evaluation tool-kit

Note: all of the aforementioned outputs will be available in: IT || FR || ES || GR || RO || BG || EN

Project consortium: