TABASCO Final conference in Bulgaria

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On the 29.06.2023 European Cetner for Quality Ltd hosted a valorization conference of the TABASCO project in Bulgaria. The event took place in a conference hall at Grami Hotel in Sofia, Bulgaria.
The event was attended by 51 participants all representatives of the project main target groups, among which many schools (teachers and directors from schools), universities (lecturers from universities), VET providers and other multiplier agents.

The main objectives of the event were to:
+ present the project intellectual outputs
+ spread the results of the Erasmus+ TABASCO Project
+ involve additional organizations to offer expertise using the platform
+ explore cooperation areas among participants
+ set up contacts with organizations that can ensure multiplication effect and sustainability of the project results on national level.

After an overall presentation of the TABASCO project describing the main goals, target groups and their needs and desired impact of the project, each of the intellectual outputs of the project was presented separately:
+ O1: Inventory & overview
+ O2: Cross Media platform, Web portal
+ O3: TABASCO Methodology, Comprehensive approach
+ O4: TABASCO Campaign
Practical examples of applying the methods developed by TABASCO followed – 2 project web quests and one quiz were presentedThe next session from the programme gave the floor to participants in the TABASCO campaign from the National High School in Finance and Business.

Finally, a poster competition was organized among the participants in the conference. The conference guests had to split into smaller groups and use the provided various creative materials and blank canvas to realize their ideas for a TABASCO campaign poster. The competition allowed the participants the opportunity to exchange personal knowledge and together to develop strategies to combat cyberbullying.

“TABASCO – A Targeted Anti-Bully Approach in Schools by Campaigning and Organising,

Project ref. No. 2020-1-NL01-KA226-SCH-083054