Presentation of the Bulgarian National Network – ENNE Project

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ENNE is a European Project that aims to promote the enhancement of VET (Vocational Education and Training) quality and attractiveness, with a specific focus on mobility opportunities throughout the establishment of 5 national networks of VET –– providers in five European countries – Italy, Bulgaria, Germany, Portugal and Belgium.

In Bulgaria the following VET institutions expressed willingness to participate in the project activities, to support the project during its implementation stage and actively to contribute to the dissemination and exploitation of the ENNE results:
1. The Institute of Postgraduate Studies (IPS), Sofia – operates as a division at the largest Bulgarian university – University of National and World Economy with more than 20 thousand students. It provides vocational education and training and life-long learning since 1970. Now IPS at UNWE is a leader in postgraduate studies in the areas of business, management and law and offers training services to Bulgarian and foreign citizens who have already acquired diploma for high and/or higher education. IPS qualification diploma is recognized and approved by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science and National Agency for Vocational Education and Training.

2. The National High School in Finance and Business (NHSFB), Sofia is a descendent of the Sofia High School of Commerce for Boys, which was founded in 1913 with the initiative and with the financial support of the Sofia Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Since it came into existence, NHSFB has been regarded as a respected and preferred vocational high school. Thousands of experts have received their education in economics in the school and have graduated it with the qualifications of an “economist-accountant”.

3. The Vocational High School of Economics G.S. Rakovski (VHSE), Yambol  – established in 1963 and is the only school in the Yambol Region where the following majors are taught: Economic Informatics, Customs and Tax Administration, Operational Accounting, Economics and Management, and Business Administration. There are currently 380 students, taught by 30 highly-qualified teachers in the different fields – general education and special classes. One of VHSE’s main aims is to form a new type of economic thinking and preparation of adaptable staff through providing education in line with state and European requirements.

4. “Rayna Knyaginya” Professional Secondary School of Tailoring and Catering, Stara Zagora is one of the oldest professional schools in the region, established back in 1927. The school offers education in the following specialties: Hotels management, Catering, Manufacture of culinary products and beverages, Tourism management and organization of vacations, Manufacture of confectionery products, Tour guide service, Design, modeling and technology of textile clothing.

5. “Engineer N. Ranchev” Professional High School of Construction and Woodworking, Stara Zagora was  founded in 1959. The school prepares specialists in several sectors: construction, machine building, power engineering, electronics, woodworking. A new stage in the development of the institution is the decision of the management to establish new majors – installation of electric networks (high and low voltage); industrial and energy installation; operator in furniture production.

6. Vocational School of Tourism “Aleko Konstantinov”, Pomorie – established in 1965 as a Secondary Vocational Technical School and is the first educational institution in the country, which trains in the field of tourism services – hotels, restaurants and catering.
The VET institutions involved in the ENNE network will work together for the first time, embedding a culture of collaboration. Leader and coordinator of the Bulgarian network will be European Center for Quality, Sofia. Each of the schools has gained rich experience in international projects and organizing extracurricular activities for their students such as interest clubs, sports clubs, training companies, visits to companies and institutions, work placements in the field of their specialty.
The joint efforts of the members of the Bulgarian ENNE Network aim at promoting and supporting the school development and addressing problems concerning the education of young people in collaborative and flexible ways.

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