PERCEIVE Kick-off meeting

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The kick-off meeting of the project PERCEIVE develoPmEnt of quality assuRanCe mEchanisms In VET E-learning environments project number 2020-1-DE02-KA226-VET-008014 held on 26.04.2021 online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The project partners met for first time in the frame of the partnership to initiate the collaboration aimed the quality assurance of the design and delivery of Vocational e-learning, including training provision process, such as legislation, financing, organization and management of e-learning, technical solutions needed, upskilling of human resources, including VET teaching and other VET staff.

Within the project 7 partners from 5 countries – Bulgaria (ECQ and “Bulgarian-German VET Centre”), Belgium (Association Europeenne Pour La Formation Professionnelle), Germany (EVBB and BK Consult), Greece (AKMI) and Italy (ENAIP) will cooperate and together for achieving the project objectives.

The planned project results will be

  • QA Framework (available online as an interactive resource) covering the design and delivery of e-learning in VET
  • Certification of Quality for VET e-learning programs
  • Fifteen e-learning Courses are going to be subject of QA, using the new Framework
  • E-tools related to the adaptation of the QA Framework in the VET system are going to be developed
  • Training material for VET Professionals, including VET Teachers, upskilling them in regards to QA in the design and delivery of VET e-learning course

More information, news and updates check the official website of the project: