INSPIRE – Integrating Sport and Recreational Activities into Entrepreneurial Education in Secondary Schools

The INSPIRE project commenced on 1 December 2020 and it is built on the rationale that sport has cultural, social and educational functions that provide plenty of opportunities for innovations and even business. The combination of sport and entrepreneurship learning in extracurricular activities can build students’ transversal entrepreneurial skills and create motivation, passion and awareness to get engaged in business or social activities in the field of sport. This inspired the main aim of the project to contribute to integrating sport into entrepreneurial learning in secondary schools.

Objectives of the project

The specific objectives are to:

-Develop a training program on sport management, coaching and physical education that could build students’ technical and transversal competences for sport-based entrepreneurship and leadership;

-Develop challenge-based learning tools and WebQuests related to sports-based entrepreneurship to enable a more effective and engaging learning process;

-Develop methodological guidance for teachers on designing and delivering sport-based entrepreneurial learning.


During the project the cooperating partners will produce the training program, challenge based learning tools and WebQuests and the methodological guidance but also will support teachers and schools to experiment with innovative cross-curricular training, combining sports management and physical education. The educational resources developed by INSPIRE will be presented at national conferences and training workshops for teachers and students. After the training the teachers and students will gain practical experience by organizing sport events in Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey.

Project results

The partnership will produce the following intellectual outputs:

  1. Methodological guidelines for educators.
  2. Challenges and WebQuests Toolkit on Sports-Based Entrepreneurship.

3.Extracurricular integrated training program on Sport-Based Entrepreneurship and Coaching.

The project is a transnational Bulgaria-Greece-Turkey-Cyprus initiative undertaken by 6 partners and co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme under the action Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices – Strategic Partnerships for school education.

For more information the project website will be available soon.