HI-GLOBE Multiplier Event in Sofia

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On June 17, 2022, in Sofia city took place the HI-GLOBE project Multiplier Event which was organized by European Center for Quality (ECQ), one of the six partner organization in the international project. “Highlighting the Potential of English Language Learning for Global Education Purposes” (HI-GLOBE) is not only the full name of the project but and short description of its main aim. The event was attended by different group of stakeholders – educators from private and public Universities and Schools, VET representatives, which have been familiarized with the HI-Globe objectives and results by the ECQ team.

In order to encourage the stakeholders’ interest to the HI-GLOBE project Outcomes, Modules and e-learning Platform the representatives of ECQ involved the guests in an interactive activity. The participants in the event were invited to fill in a crossword puzzle with words extracted from the HI-GLOBE learning modules. All 8 Modules are uploaded on the e-learning HI-GLOBE platform which is free of use and could be implemented in different learning subjects.

Check out our project website: https://hi-globe.eu/, and HI-GLOBE e-learning platform: https://hi-globe.eu/educators-students/.