Access-IT Pilot training in Sofia, Bulgaria

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On 20th of April ECQ team organized a Pilot training as part of Access-IT project activities.

Different experts, specialists and professionals actively participated in the event. They are representatives from various target groups some of which are tourism associations, organizations and institutions working with and for people with special needs, tourist agencies and tourism –related businesses, representatives and owners of accommodation establishments, as well as, professors and teachers of tourism studies at universities.

The pilot training started with presentation of the Access-IT project and its products. The 5 How-to Guidelines were introduced. After the presentations of the materials they were discussed, different and important questions were raised and very interesting points were made with regards to the accessibility of tourism services and products on the Bulgarian market. During the next session participants were divided in small groups and each group was assigned with a special case and tasks to create or develop accessible service for people with special accessibility requirements. The session finished with the presentations of the groups during which they shared their suggestions and ideas.

The afternoon sessions were dedicated primarily on the web-based accessibility performance appraisal tool that is part of the Intellectual Output 3 of the Access-IT project. After introducing and explaining its features and functionalities, participants were given the possibility and time to explore and test the tool by themselves. While the participants were navigating through the modules and sections in the web-tool they asked questions related to it functions and technical specifications. At the end of the session participants shared their opinions and comments regarding the web-tool.

The training finished with a discussion about the products of the project. All participants expressed their interest on the topic and the Access-It project.