2REVIVE Third project meeting in Gouda, The Netherlands

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The Third Partner Meeting of the 2REVIVE project took place on 10 & 11th of January 2019 in Gouda, Netherlands. It was hosted by the Dutch partners – In Dialogue.

The meeting was opened with an overview of the agenda and other practical information by the host organization and by the lead partner, Avsi Polska. After this introduction, each Project Partner presented their Country report results regarding the project implementation in Poland, Bulgaria, Malta, Croatia, Italy and the Netherlands.

Following this, the participants reviewed the overall performance, the cooperation and the communication between the consortium members. For the rest of the day, all the partners were very active in discussing the progress and the development of IO2 – Online self-assessment tool.  The prototype version of the tool developed by the Maltese partner AcrossLimits, was thoroughly assessed and changes based on feedback obtained from different countries were made to it, to improve its appearance and usability.

On the second day, the partners proceeded with planning future activities related to IO3 – Guide for Mentors and IO4 – Guide for second chance entrepreneurs.

One of the Bulgarian partners, ECQ, being responsible for Project Quality Management presented the conducted Internal & external evaluation reports and Quality management update and will provide further support to the partners in this connection.

The second Bulgarian partner, CCI-Vratsa, being coordinator of Dissemination and Exploitation Package shared the developed Dissemination and Exploitation plan.  They also reported on the various dissemination activities conducted by each of the partners in the last months.

The partners agreed upon the next steps of the project implementation and the timelines.  The event ended with evaluation and summary of the meeting.

The next Partners meeting is scheduled to take place in Enna (Sicily), Italy in July 2019, hosted by the partner PRISM.