2REVIVE – Revival entrepreneurship through second chance

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 Acronym of the project: 2REVIVE

Ref. №: 2017-1-PL01-KA202-038525

Duration: 24 months (31.12.2017 ÷ 30.12.2019)

Programme: Key Action 2 Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices within Erasmus + programme


  • Stowarzyszenie Avsi Polska (Poland) – Lead partner
  • European Center for quality OOD (Bulgaria)
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vratsa (Bulgaria)
  • AcrossLimits ltd. (Malta)
  • INFORMO (Croatia)
  • In Dialogue Netherlands (Netherlands)
  • PRISM – Promozione internazionale Sicilia – Mondo (Italy)

Associated Partners:

  • Agency for Regional and Economic Development, Vratsa, Bulgaria
  • Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs, Malta
  • Malta Confederation of Women’s Organisations, Malta
  • Camera di Commercio e delli’ Industria Italiana in Polonia, Poland
  • Avsi Foundfation, Italy

General Objective:

Supporting the development of second-chance entrepreneurship attitude and self-confidence, -awareness and -efficacy in second-time entrepreneurs with guiding and mentoring relationships and thus restart their business successfully.

Specific Objectives:

  • Encourage individuals to learn from their past experience by providing them with the right tools for understanding reasons behind their failure, their entrepreneurial potential and attitude;
  • Support ex-entrepreneurs in developing their skills and motivation for entrepreneurial activity – practical guide with detailed information on regulations and laws and educational resources for “second chance”, instructions and checklists will help them to rebuild a business;
  • Provide successful entrepreneurs, owners of SMEs, VET teachers, trainers and mentors with a step by step mentoring plan and guidelines on how to effectively pass their knowledge to their mentees;
  • Enhance the cooperation and networking of entrepreneurs, enterprises, vocational and education institutions.

Target groups:

1) Second-time entrepreneurs

2) Successful entrepreneurs and owners of SMEs

3) Continuing VET providers including C-VET trainers, teachers and mentors, centres, independent individuals offering VET services

Main activities and оutputs:

A 1 – Project management and Coordination

A 2 – Communication and dissemination

A 3 – Dissemination and Exploitation

O1 – Research on behavioural attitudes towards second-chance entrepreneurship

O2 – Online self-assessment tool

O3 – Guide4Mentors

O4 – Guide to second chance entrepreneurs’ success

Main results:

  • Improved failure acceptance and dealing with societal prejudices;
  • Developed second chance entrepreneurship attitude and self-confidence, -awareness and -efficacy in second-time entrepreneurs;
  • Gained mentoring and entrepreneurial knowledge and skills;
  • Exchange of know-how and transfer of knowledge between partners – all partners will learn from the various backgrounds and experience of all other partners;
  • New insights on the topic of second-chance entrepreneurship – the topic will be thoroughly researched and partners will gain insights and will adopt the materials from their specific perspective;
  • Implementing the project in cooperation with organisations of different types and from different countries, the partners will further improve their ability to work as a part of international team

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