European consortium awarded funding to support Sustainable Tourism thorough Networking and Collaboration

A consortium of six organisations from Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Portugal, Bulgaria and Hungary are combining their efforts and experience in the project “Sustainable Tourism through Networking and Collaboration” (Sustain-T). The main aim of the project is to enhance the sustainability performance of EU micro and small enterprises in the tourism sector by raising their managers’ awareness of sustainable tourism practices and improving their networking and collaboration skills for establishing new green alliances and implementing joint sustainability initiatives.

Funded through the Erasmus+ Key Action 2 Strategic Partnership programme, the two-year project is running from November 2017 until October 2019 and is tackling the challenge of carrying out successful sustainable tourism practices by touristic MSEs.

The consortium, composed of different organizations, including universities, consultancies, tourism confederation, chamber of commerce, training organisation and digital development agency, will implement the following activities:

1. Develop an on-line training package, addressing challenges tourism MSEs face in transforming their business model towards sustainability

2. Create interactive tools, facilitating collaboration of tourism MSEs in developing joint sustainability initiatives

3. Provide tourism MSEs with an open educational resource - an interactive learning platform containing all Sustain-T training material

4. Deliver guidelines for MSEs and for VET providers on using the developed materials and resources in their practice


For further information about the project, please, contact the ECQ project team:

Evgenia Nikulina & Milena Goneva

Tel.: 359-884-050082 & 359-894-640318

E-mails: nikulina@ecq-bg.com & mgoneva@ecq-bg.com

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