Sicily-TRANSFER: “Transfer of good practices in the teaching of electro-engineering sciences”

Sicily-TRANSFER: “Transfer of good practices in the teaching of electro-engineering sciences

Project number:  2016-1-BG01-KA102-023563                                                                                 

Project website:

Project duration:  17 months (01.06.2016-31.10.2017)

Project summary:

The Sicily TRANSFER project is being implemented under the Erasmus+ Program, Key Action 1 "Mobility of Individuals", Sector "Education for Citizens" Vocational Education and Training". It envisages sending a group of 30 people, representatives of three professional schools - PGMET "Gen. Ivan Bachvarov" - Sevlievo, PGEHT "Prof. Asen Zlatarov" - Pleven and PGE "John Atanasoff "- Stara Zagora on a 7-day vocational training in Sicily (Italy). The aim is to present the teachers and administrative staff (principals) the Italian methods of teaching electro-engineering sciences and as a result to identify the best practices in this field. This will contribute to a greater motivation for introducing new technologies in the sphere of electro-engineering education in Bulgaria, as well as enhancing teachers’ personal and professional competences.

During the training, the participants will acquire valuable knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • modern teaching methods and tools;

  • mechanisms for adapting the training in the vocational high schools to the specific needs of the electro- engineering business;

  • competences for development of training programs;

  • trends in the field of Electronics and Electrical Engineering in Italy;

  • shared experience of Italian lecturers and employers in the field of electro-engineering.

The training will take place in the period 26 June – 04 July 2017 in the host organization Promimprsa srl in two of its offices in San Cataldo and Palermo.

When the mobility once completes, the participants will receive Europass Mobility certificates evidencing the successfully undergone training.

Knowledge, skills and good practices acquired during the training will benefit both the staff involved in the mobility, the professional schools and their students. The professional experience gained in Italy will be used for the construction of new approach in teaching electro-engeneering sciences through:

- the optimization of the curriculum of the subjects taught and their better adaptation to the requirements of the labor market;

- the introduction of a new method of teaching, more practically-oriented and in line with the latest innovations in the field of electro-engineering.

In addition, the management of the three participating vocational schools, supported by their teachers will develop an innovative teaching program that will be spread among other electro-specialized high schools in the country. Thus, the good practices acquired during the mobility will be spread among the largest possible range of stakeholders.

The successful implementation of the project will lead to the accumulation of useful knowledge and practical skills in teaching electro-engineering sciences, and will make trainers and learners in this field more competitive in the European labor market.


Project partners:

•             Report.BG Ltd. – Sofia, Bulgaria (

•             Professional Mechanoelectrical High School “General Ivan Bachvarov” – Sevlievo, Bulgaria (

•             Professional High School of Electronics and Chemical Technologies "Prof. Asen Zlatarov" – Pleven, Bulgaria (

•             Professional High School of Electronics “John Atanasoff” – Stara Zagora, Bulgaria (

•             Promimpresa srl – San Cataldo, Sicily, Italy (

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