“From School Class to Business Class” multiplier event

A multiplier event under project “From School Class to Business Class”, project reference № 2014-1-NL01-KA200-001185 was held on 3rd of August 2017 at Best Western City Hotel in Sofia, Bulgaria. A total of 22 participants took part in the event.

The project SC2BC is executed within the framework of ERASMUS+ Programme, KA2-Cooperation and Innovation for Good Practices, funded by European Union. The consortium partnership consists of 8 partners from 5 EU countries: the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Iceland, Italy and Slovenia. The main goal of the project is to fill the educational gap between the school class and the entrepreneurial reality outside the school. This goal is to be achieved through the development of a holistic approach linking successful entrepreneurs, students in VET schools and their teachers. With this project, students learn what it takes to start a business: which practical things you have to think of, what media can do for you. How important are fundamental things such as keeping your appointments... and so on. The final result consists of a business plan and a simulation in which students set up the company. Pupils learn in this project not only by taking theoretical knowledge from books, but also especially by doing things themselves under the guidance of an experienced person from a business company resembling a kind of master and apprentice relationship.

The main goal of the Bulgarian multiplier event was, firstly, to introduce the project to various stakeholders – mainly VET students and teachers and young entrepreneurs. Secondly, to present the main project results – state-of-the-art report, training curriculum and training approach tested in two rounds in all partner countries. The team of ECQ presented the project objectives target groups, main activities and phases and project outcomes.

At the end of the event everyone was involved in the questions and answers session where the participants provided their positive feedback and ideas for future developments. Everyone who is interested in the project can have a look at the project website www.sc2bc.eu and download all materials.

The feedback received frоm the participants was very positive. They stated their interest in the innovative learning methodology and its usefulness in the education of VET students. Moreover, the participants expressed their willingness to get involved in using the SC2BC resources and engage in the project sustainability activities.

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