MechMate project website is now online!

MechMate interactive website is available now! Visit us at: www.mechmate.eu

Welcome to MechMate project website! Here you can find general information about the project, its expected results, Erasmus+ programme as well as project partners’ organizations.

MechMate (Strategic Partnership in the field of Mechatronics for innovative and smart growth of European manufacturing SMEs) is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships project addressing the problems of manufacturing SMEs’ managers, people employed in SMEs (technicians, administrative staff) as well as students and trainers/teachers in terms of mechatronics and lack of training means to facilitated innovation mechatronics - based technology introduction in manufacturing SMEs in Europe.

The main objective of the project is to provide an interactive training on mechatronics and to assist advanced mechatronics-based technologies introduction in manufacturing SMEs across Europe. Thus project realization would increase level of innovativeness of SMEs and finally result for them in a significantly higher competitiveness on the European and global market.

Project partners:

PIAP - Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements, Poland

TUC/MUSIC - Technical University of Crete -Laboratory of Distributed Multimedia Information Systems and Applications, Greece

TUGAB - Technical University of Gabrovo, Bulgaria

TUT - Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

ECQ – European Center for Quality, Bulgaria


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