MechMate project Kick-off meeting, Warsaw, Poland

The MechMate project has started!

The Kick-off meeting took place at PIAP’s premises in Warsaw, Poland, on 29th November 2016. This meeting brought together the project partners face to face for the first time. Members of the consortium have been welcomed by the Project manager, Michał Smater, who opened the working sessions presenting a brief outline of the project. Each partner organisation took the opportunity to present their work and experience to the group so that at the end of the first day, the former strangers had an idea of who the others were. Intellectual Outputs leaders provided details on their work plans and all partners set the upcoming deadlines and tasks. The working sessions were lively debated.

The meeting was not all about work. In the evening, work strategies and requirements were left apart. Participants explored the center of the city and enjoyed its friendly atmosphere and its gastronomical traditions.

The high level of interaction among the participants in the sessions, during the breaks and the evening event has shown that we have already formed a good team, part of which is on the photos presented below. It was a very fruitful get-together and the pre-experiences of the project partners in similar projects will help to crown the MechMate project with success. 



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