Projects for Municipalities

Eco-tourism in Kotel Mountain (Kotel Municipality)

The Mineral Waters – Bridge between Cross-Border Regions and Cultures (Banite Municipality, Smolyan Region)

Banite – Doxato: The “Green” Corridor of the Rhodopes Ecosystem (Banite Municipality, Smolyan Region)

Thracian sanctuaries as a milestone for promoting cross-border cultural and tourist heritage in Madan and Keramoti municipalities (Madan Municipality)

Madan and Keramoti – Green landscapes and Turquoise sea

Improvement of the living conditions in the cross-border region through development of water supply network and reservoirs in the villages of Vishnevo and Galabovo (Banite Municipality, Smolyan) Region)

Improvement of the road network of Banite Municipality and Doxato Municipality through road rehabilitation and construction works (Banite Municipality, Smolyan Region)

Enhancing the economic cooperation between the Municipality of Banite and Municipality of Doxato through development of online data base “Cross-border Cooperation, Investment and Competitiveness Forum (Banite Municipality, Smolyan Region)

Sewage and drainage system and drainage works for waste water treatment in the Village of Drianka, Banite Municipality, Smolyan District (Banite Municipality, Smolyan Region)

Rehabilitation of the junction of the road connecting Zlatograd-Alamovci and “Zastavata” with the road forks to the district centers Smolyan and Kardjhali (Zlatograd Municipality, Smolyan Region)

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