RoboMatic Second Project Meeting - 12.04.2016, Sofia, Bulgaria

RoboMatic Second Project Meeting - 12.04.2016, Sofia, Bulgaria

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Meeting date: 12.04.2016
Meeting location: Sofia, Bulgaria   
Host organization: ECQ

The second meeting under the project "Development of Curricula & Innovative training in Robotics for smart growth of European SMEs - RoboMatic" was held on 12.04.2016 at Sofia, Bulgaria. The meeting was hosted by one of the two Bulgarian partners – European Center for Quality Ltd.

The main topics of the meeting were:

During the second meeting the partners have presented the status of the ongoing Desk researches, online Survey and Focus groups in each partner country. It was discussed what has been done so far and what is left. These activities are part of the development of project Intellectual Output 1 – “Report on manufacturing SMEs requirements and constraints with respect to introduction and training of innovation robotic solutions”. Based on the gathered information, during the morning session, the partners have discussed the exploitation of draft versions and next steps to carry out the main RoboMatic IOs - RoboMatic Curricula, RoboMatic Methodology and RoboMatic training course. Afterwards, the partners discussed the upcoming development of the project interactive web platform.

During the afternoon session, the partners have discussed the events and activities during the next six months of the project. Project interim report and the financial requirements have also been discussed. Afterwards, the dissemination activities implemented so far were also presented. At the end of the meeting, a work plan for the next sixth months has been elaborated and agreed by all partners.

All discussions were held in a friendly atmosphere and there was a joint motivation to produce good quality results. The overall evaluation of the organization and the results of the second RoboMatic meeting were very positive.

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