RoboMatic Kick-off Project Meeting, Tenerife, Spain

RoboMatic Kick-off Project Meeting, Tenerife, Spain


Meeting date: 25.11.2015
Meeting location: Tenerife, Spain
Host organization: CARSA

The first project meeting of the "Development of Curricula & Innovative training in Robotics for smart growth of European SMEs - RoboMatic" project took place in Tenerife, Spain on 25.11.2015. The meeting was hosted by the project coordinator CARSA – an innovation and technology consultancy company with more than 27 years of experience serving public and private organisations in Spain. European Center for Quality Ltd. was represented jointly by two of its experts.

The main topics of the meeting were:

  • Introduction of the participants and presentation of scope and activities of their organisations, discussions on their previous experience from similar projects, as well as expectations of the new consortium;
  • Presentation of the project “RoboMatic” (summary of the project and its objectives, target users, planned activities and expected outputs);
  • Discussion on the project management and the organization of the communication between the partnerships;
  • Planning in detail the tasks and responsibilities for the whole period of the project – clarifying responsibilities; setting up work groups; setting clear deadlines for the expected results and final deliverable of the project;  
  • Administrative and financial issues - progress and financial reports, deliverables, plans, strategies;
  • Dissemination activities – review of work, methodology, tools and results;
  • Setting an action plan for the next months – tasks, deadlines and responsible partners

All discussions were held in a friendly atmosphere and there was a joint motivation to produce good quality results. The team’s preparation before the meeting was excellent and the partners’ involvement during the meeting was great. The overall evaluation of the organization and the results of the meeting were very positive.

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