Second project meeting of the project Europeanisation took place in Sofia, Bulgaria

Second project meeting of the project Europeanisation took place in Sofia, Bulgaria

Has your organisation the capacity to work in European context?
Are you fit for Europeanisation?
How to act better and successfully in your environment?
The second meeting under the project “Europeanisation - Organisational Maturity Assessment Tool for the Europeanisation of Educational Institutions” was held on 03 to 06 February 2015 at Sofia, Bulgaria. The meeting took place at the Best Western Plus City Hotel Sofia and was hosted by European Center for Quality Ltd. During the meeting all partners were introduced to the concepts of Organisational Development (OD) and Europeanisation.
Main topics of presentation and discussions were:
  • Presentation of the results of the Activity O1-A1 “State-of-the-art Analysis on Europeanisation & Organisational Development of Educational Institutions
  • Crash courses on “Organisational Development”:
  1. Presentation of Foundations of Organisational Development
  2. Presentation of Managing the OD Process
  3. Presentation of OD Interventions
  • Crash courses on “Europeanisation”:  
  1. Presentation of Concept of Europeanisation
  2. Presentation of Manageing the Europeanisation Process
  3. Presentation of Roadmap to Europeanisation Process
On the third day the partners have discussed the events and activities during the next five months of the project. Project financial reports, financial requirements and dissemination activities implemented so far have also been discussed. Afterwards, an evaluation of the meeting was made.




























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