Integrating Energy Action Planning and Energy Management Systems

Supporting Local Authorities in the Development and Integration of SEAPs with Energy Management Systems According to ISO 50001 – 50000 and 1 SEAPs

Project number: IEE/13/587/SI2.675061  

Project website:

Project duration: 36 months

Project summary:

Despite the strong coordinating efforts of the EU and of the CoM Initiative, there are areas of Europe which do not align clearly or are not supported in an optimal way in their development of local energy policy and local energy action planning. Local Authorities (LAs) in Mediterranean Countries and New Member States face the greatest barriers as to institutionalization of SEAPs and to putting in place internal structures and procedures to develop high-quality energy policy and planning. There is a need for support in these countries, and it happens both at the EU level, as well as at national level.

50000 and 1 SEAPs has two main aims, namely to structure a coherent approach to integrate Energy Management Systems (according to ISO50001) into the SEAPs of LAs through the facilitation of supporting structures, and make the EnMS+SEAP approach a tool to guarantee institutionalization of energy policies and to ensure the coherent implementation of political and technical continuity of SEAPs during and after the project.

The consortium brings together energy agencies, associations of Municipalities, Covenant Coordinators and Supporters, technicians from 8 countries (4 EU-15 and 4 New Member States) plus ICLEI Europe, the thematic network of Municipalities based in Germany. Four of the technical partners have previous, direct experience in supporting LAs in the implementation of the ISO50001 EnMS+SEAP approach which guarantees the quality of the work.

The action will pool tools, train LAs and supporting structures inside and outside the partner countries, structure a peer-review scheme and coaching actions, and then will lead to the development, implementation and monitoring of sound and reliable SEAPs, based on real data.

The institutionalization of SEAPs will lead to their political approval and certification of the EnMS. The monitoring and review procedures put in place will guarantee the sustainability of the implementation of the actions after the project lifetime.


Project partners:

The Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES) – Greece (

The Association of Municipalities Polish Network Energie Cités (PNEC) – Poland (

The Association of Rhodope Municipalities (ARM) – Bulgaria (

European Center for Quality Ltd. (ECQ) – Bulgaria (

Timis County Energy Management Association (AMET) – Romania (

Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI Europe) – Germany (

SOGESCA – Italy (

EKODOMA – Latvia (

DENKSTATT – Romania (www.

AMORCE – France (



ALBEA – Spain

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