50000 and 1 SEAPs Integrating Energy Action Planning and Energy Management Systems

Second Local Training in Bulgaria


 Meeting date: 14 November 2014

Meeting location: Bratsigovo Municipality (Bulgaria)


The Second Local Training in Bulgaria was conducted within the framework of the 50000 and 1 SEAPs project on 14 November, 2014 in the Municipality of Bratsigovo.

Representatives from the municipalities of Bratsigovo, Zlatograd, Rudozem, Nedelino and Chepelare that are engaged in the project implementation, took part in the second local training as continuation of the work done during the First Local Training (19 June, 2014).

The main focus of the training was on:

  • Adhesion to the Covenant of Mayors initiative and follow-up steps;
  • Guidelines on Baseline Emission Inventory development;
  • How to fill in the SEAP template as required by the Covenant of Mayors;
  • Brief presentation of the investment projects planned to be included in the SEAP of each of the participating municipalities;
  • Discussion on setting up the SEAP + Energy Management procedure in each municipality and time planning.

The Second Local Training in Bulgaria ended with a visit of 5 energy-audited sites in the Municipality of Bratsigovo.


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