IntoQuality Second Project Meeting, Leipzig, Germany

Five Rhodope Municipalities Implemented Energy Management Systems in Accordance with ISO 50001

Second project meeting of AuToMa project, Sofia, Bulgaria

Pilot Program of the Management Consultant School

In the period 25.11.2016 – 03.12.2016 in Copenhagen and 20.02.2017 – 24.02.2017 in Sofia took place the test of the education program for Management Consultants developed under the Erasmus+, KA2 Project “European Management Consultant - competency development programme”, ref. No 2015-1-PL01-KA202-017065.

MechMate project website is now online!

„Предложения и стратегии за жени предприемачи

„Предложения и стратегии за жени предприемачи " - Обучение в гр. Стамболийски

Well-School-Tech Project Kick-off Meeting, Vilnius, Lithuania

INN-COMMERCE project kick-off meeting, Vaasa, Finland

MechMate project Kick-off meeting, Warsaw, Poland

Green Tour Kick-off meeting, Lisbon, Portugal

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