Second Meeting of QualiTour Project, Lodz, Poland

http://www.ecq-bg.com//documents/aa_689.jpg“Quality management approach for sustainable tourism”                                                                  

Meeting date: 09.06.201410.06.2014

Meeting location : Lodz, Poland

Host organization:  Spoleczna Akademia Nauk, Lodz, Poland

On 9th  and 10th June was held the Second Project Meeting within the QualiTour Project, which took place in Lodz, Poland, University of Social Sciences .

Main topics on focus at the meeting were:

  • Discussion of issues encountered concerning financial and administrative aspects of the project implementation during the first 6 months as well as the work done by each partner;
  • A summary of the results from the conducted survey in all partner countries as well as deep interviews in Bulgaria were presented and discussed by the group. The survey analysis covered information regarding most favoured learning structures and methods, study subjects and favoured assessment tools, preferred type of tutor, important features of e-learning, preferred types of exercises, etc. which served as a basis for further discussion concerning the QualiTour learning course specifications.
  • All partners were engaged in discussion regarding the contents of the QualiTour course as well as the structure of each study modules to be included in the learning content.
  • Partners worked in groups to exchange ideas for development of the respective learning modules they are responsible for.
  • Quality management - presentation of results from evaluation of the first project meeting;
  •  List of tasks to be completed by all project partners within the next 6 months was compiled;

The QualiTour project is executed within the framework Lifelong Learning Programme, funded by the European Union. The main objective of QualiTour project is to develop specialized Blended-Learning Tool for education and training in the area of sustainable tourism in accordance with the principles of LLP.

The tool’s main purpose will be to at developeand improve the skills and competences of the practitioners in the tourism field as well as entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs and thus promoting the development of sustainable, responsible and high quality tourism.

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