Migrant integration Driving License - MIDRIL

Migrant integration Driving License - MIDRIL

Project number: 540337-LLP-1-2013-1-FR-LEONARDO-LMP

Project duration: 24 months

Project summary:

Migrant Integration Driving License (MIDRIL) is a project carried out within the Lifelong Learning Programme, measure Leonardo da Vinci Development of Innovation. It aims to support labour market needs of migrants. Migrants need a special support concerning European labour market integration namely specialized training under the spirit of entrepreneurship for some of 8 Key competencies such as languages, communication, social and civic competencies adapted to  each  country, working, cultural and also skills for fostering better social integration (language, culture, professional and job market, living and lifestyle, citizenship, social values, creativity and innovation, health and environment). On the other hand the project also strives to support public recognition of special training for migrants: ECVET and ISO 17 024 to ensure public recognition in all special training existing for migrants.

The aims of the project are:

  • To create a basic training set of intercultural and integration competencies for migrants (key competencies, including CLIL - content integrated language learning) to harmonize and promote well-being in all migration process, supporting mobility process and speeding up migrants integration process in each country (such as languages, self esteem, social and working culture, entrepreneurship)
  • To create an European ICT training CV -  Migrants Integration Driving License – MIDRIL, based in ECVET and ISO 17024, recognized by all countries and by all immigration stakeholders, and delivered through web and apps devices with full  access  for all migrants .
  • To reach an equal standard of qualifications in the intercultural and inclusion area, to promote the mobility of persons and thus promotes a European mobility area for lifelong learning.

The project aims to undertake the following activities on a process-oriented basis, under the usage of the described methodologies:

  1. Research about the main intercultural and migrants integration competences and indicators
  2. Creation of the European Qualification ECVET for Migrants Integration and a VET elearning path to achieve qualifications.
  3. Development of the Certification System for Migrants Integration.

The consortium consists of six partners from five countries: I.T.G. CONSEIL SAS (France), Institute for Quality and Technology (Portugal), European Center for Quality (Bulgaria), Hellenic Regional Development Center (Greece), Sud Concept (France) and KIST Consult (Austria). MIDRIL will be implemented in the period 2013-2015.

Project news & results:

MIDRIL project presentation (BG)

MIDRIL European Survey (Състояние на интеграцията на мигрантите - европейско проучване) (BG)

MIDRIL Quality Manual for Certification (Наръчник за сертификация) (BG)

MIDRIL Curriculum (Учебна програма за обучение за интеграция на мигранти) (BG)

Project leaflet (Брошура на проекта) (BG)

MIDRIL Training KIT for trainers (Инструментариум за обучители) (BG)

MIDRIL training KIT for trainee (Наръчник за обучаеми) (BG)

MIDRIL learning platform (Учебна платформа MIDRIL)

Project website - http://midril.eu/index.php/en/

MIDRIL Newsletters

Newsletter 1 MIDRIL - BG

Newsletter 2 MIDRIL - BG

Newsletter 3 MIDRIL - BG

Newsletter 4 MIDRIL - BG

Newsletter 5 MIDRIL - BG

Newsletter 6 MIDRIL - BG

Newsletter 7 MIDRIL - BG

Newsletter 8 MIDRIL - BG

Project partners:

I.T.G. Conseil SAS (ITG) – France (www.itg.fr )

Institute for Quality and Tecnology (ISQ) – Portugal (www.isq.pt)

European Center for Quality Ltd. (ECQ) – Bulgaria (www.ecq-bg.com)

Hellenic Regional Development Center (HRDC) – Greece (www.hrdc.org.gr)

Cooperative Sud Concept (Sud Concept) – France (http://www.sudconcept.eu)

KIST Consult (KIST) – Austria  





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