Quality management approach for sustainable tourism - QualiTour

Project Title:            Quality management approach for sustainable tourismhttp://www.ecq-bg.com//documents/logo_qualitour_661.jpg

Project Acronym:     QualiTour

Duration:                   24 months (01.10.2013 – 30.09.2015)

Lead Partner:           European Center for Quality Ltd., Bulgaria


  • Aidlearn, Consultoria em Recursos Humanos, Lda, Portugal
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vratsa, Bulgaria
  • Fondazione Fenice Onlus, Italy
  • Molise Region, Italy
  • Spoleczna Akademia Nauk, Poland
  • FH JOANNEUM Ges.mbH, Austria

The consortium consists of 7 partners from 5 countries, all of them having relevant experience in developing transnational projects. In the project are involved 2 private companies, 2 universities, 1 foundation, 1 regional authority and 1 chamber of commerce. The key persons in the project team have the know-how and expertise related with tourism sector and also present highly competences in developing B-Learning products.

Main Objective

To develop specialized Blended-Learning Tool for education and training in the area of sustainable tourism in accordance with the principles of Lifelong Learning. The tool will develop and improve the skills and competences of participants related to tourism, in this way promoting the development of sustainable, responsible and high quality tourism.

Specific objectives:

  • To offer job opportunities to young people, who represent twice as much of the labour force in tourism as in the rest of the economy.
  • To allow learners to continue living in the rural areas by increasing new opportunities of employability, developing the existing small business already installed and potentiate new ones to emerge.
  • To raise awareness on relevant stakeholders and local development associations about tourism potential of their regions and will facilitate to define policies and strategies according to sustainable tourism objectives as a motor of local development.

Main results and products:

  • 4 new aspects brought to light:
    1.  Diversification of tourism products
    2.  Application of ISO series
    3.  Introduction to Standards for Sustainable Tourism
    4.  Implementation of effective innovation systems for energy economy, renewable energy sources, etc.
  • QualiTour B-Learning Tool,
  • QualiTour Compendium
  • Website
  • Other marketing products in 6 different languages: Portuguese, Bulgarian, Italian, Polish, German and English.

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