VALID AID +: Validating Competences Gained at the Workplace in Case of Low Qualified People

Project number: 2013-1-GR1-LEO05-14120 

Project website:

Project duration: 24 months

Project summary:

This project aims at transferring “VALID AID” project methods and tools for identifying and validating competences gained at the workplace and opening gateways to education and training in order to make it easier for low-qualified individuals to develop their competences, and by that secure their position on the labor market.

The target group of the project is low-qualified employees, who have not completed upper secondary education. The present project will be examining methods of validation based on occupational-standards in the partner countries of the chosen sectors: “Trade”, “Hospitality” and “Administration” with special attention to the needs of the vulnerable target group. 

The main project activities include researching the situation of validation of informal and non-formal education and training in the partners’ countries, as well as developing working instruments for the trade, hospitality and administration sector. In the first phase of the project, based on the project's partners shared experience and with the results of the focus group interviews with employers, employees and stakeholders of the chosen sectors the partnership will adapt the Validation Kit for the sectors in all partners’ languages.

Working in co-operation with employers from the aforementioned sectors, the methods/ tools will be tested by 20 people in each participating country. The Validation Kit for the three sectors will be finalized upon the results and feedback of the test.

During the project the transferability of the tools to other companies/sectors will also be tested. The project partnership will be in close contact with stakeholders and end-users, and carry out targeted and intensive dissemination activity with: electronic mails, online activity, leaflet distribution and a final conference for the project. Employers, educational organizations, policy makers and stakeholders of the sectors will be continuously involved.

Project partners:

Hellenic Management Association (HMA) – Greece (

EcoCenter Public Benefit Foundation (ECOCENTER) – Hungary (

European Center for Quality Ltd. (ECQ) – Bulgaria (

Institute for Postgraduate Studies – Division at UNWE (IPS at UNWE) – Bulgaria ( )


Lepido Rocco Association – Italy (

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